Consider carefully the betting options given by the bookies

When the bookmakers offer a betting option to the players, they don’t give us an opportunity to win, but they offer us an opportunity to lose money. This is an old rule in sports betting, which should not be underestimated in any way. In fact it has to be remembered every time when some of us start a new betting system.

That’s why even when the additional options for betting on football matches offer great odds they should be taken very carefully before proceeding to bet with real money on them.

One such betting option is to bet on the winner in each half of a soccer match. With this option, the odds for a win for one or the other of the two teams are quite high, while the odds for a draw are reduced. The problem when betting on the winner on any particular half time is that we have to deal with a very important fact. It is that the teams come up with the thought of winning the entire match, not just some of the halves.

However, some time ago I read about a betting system that offers to bet on underdogs in a football match to win in one of the half times. The man who offered this betting system took three matches and combined them in pairs in a total of 8 bets.

Eventually the system was unsuccessful, confirming the general rule that in terms of the combination of bets the bookmakers have prepared everything very well and the opportunities they offer for betting lead to a steady loss.

Thinking again about this betting system I remembered that we have to focus our efforts not to figure out a way to combine our predictions, but to make better betting predictions.

Only in this way we can make a profit from betting on football matches. It is clear that the only appropriate way of betting is to bet on singles. This is the safest option where you have a good enough opportunity for profit, which is combined with good protection in the event of a very bad losing streak.

Indeed, other betting variants for profits are tempting, but ultimately they lead to bigger losses in the future.