Betting prediction for Liverpool against Fulham

Liverpool hosts Fulham in the next round of the English Premier League. I don’t know exactly what causes this, but the hosts are again placed in the role of the heavy favorite for a win in this match. This has happened again and again during this season, but this role simply doesn’t fit Liverpool players.

If you remember the last match which was a home defeat from Aston Villa, if you remember the difficult victory over Southampton with 1-0, the draw with Newcastle and the other very difficult victory with 1-0 over Reading, you will understand why Liverpool should never be taken as a serious favorite in their home games.

Moreover, Fulham is one of the toughest teams to beat in the Premier League, which is very strong in defense and has great quality in attack with a superb player like Dimitar Berbatov. The latter not only can decide every game with his incredible touch, but has the experience in scoring goals against Liverpool. Remember his hat-trick against the hosts today when he was carrying Manchester United’s jersey.

The skills of Dimitar Berbatov and his teammates to gain control over the ball is also a very important factor for me when I’m making my betting prediction not to believe in an easy Liverpool’s win in this match. Fulham’s players are capable to close the spaces in front of their net and not to leave plenty of goal attempts for their opponents.

8acf85dbe31145654a90119152e0636cApart from this the inability of Liverpool players to realize the goal attempts they create is simply famous. In the Premier League, there is no other team to have so low percentage of created chances as Liverpool. If I remember correctly, the percentage was less than 5, which is extremely low.

Because of all these a betting prediction for an eventual victory for Liverpool in this game with two goals difference seems extremely difficult to me. Therefore, the proposal of the bookmakers for a win for Fulham with a goal handicap with odds of two seems to me as pretty good betting option.

So that would be my bet for this match. If Fulham draws or wins, the bet will be a winner. If Liverpool takes the win with 1 goal difference, then the bookmaker will refund my bet. It will be a loser only if Liverpool wins by at least two goals difference, which is really unlikely to happen.