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Bet on the draws on soccer matches

An often-used strategy in betting on football matches is to bet on the draw as a final result in a match. The reason for the popularity of this betting method is quite clear and it is that for the draws the betting houses offer usually pretty high odds, often above 3.2. Besides, it is not so difficult to find suitable… (more…)

Consider carefully the betting options given by the bookies

When the bookmakers offer a betting option to the players, they don’t give us an opportunity to win, but they offer us an opportunity to lose money. This is an old rule in sports betting, which should not be underestimated in any way. In fact it has to be remembered every time when some of us start a new betting… (more…)

Betting prediction for Liverpool against Fulham

Liverpool hosts Fulham in the next round of the English Premier League. I don’t know exactly what causes this, but the hosts are again placed in the role of the heavy favorite for a win in this match. This has happened again and again during this season, but this role simply doesn’t fit Liverpool players. If you remember the last… (more…)