Bet on the draws on soccer matches

An often-used strategy in betting on football matches is to bet on the draw as a final result in a match. The reason for the popularity of this betting method is quite clear and it is that for the draws the betting houses offer usually pretty high odds, often above 3.2.

Besides, it is not so difficult to find suitable matches to bet on draws.

However, what I am going to focus on in the next lines is a covering betting strategy when we decide to bet on draws. It is to bet on a match where we see a possible draw, but to bet on even number of goals in the match. The logic is clear, if the match ends with a draw, it certainly will be a winning bet because the goals will be an even number.

However, if one of the teams won the match with two goals it will be winning again because the match would end again with an even number of goals. When we talk about this way of betting it is important to know that when a match finishes 0-0, the bookmakers once again recognize it as an even number of goals and so our bet would be winning.
However, the main question is will this system bring more money than the usual way of betting on draws? Every player should check it individually by having a look on his stats.

Usually, bookmakers offer odds about 1.9 or 1.95 for an even number of goals in the match, which is more than fine as it offers a good return of made bets.

The bad thing when we talk about this betting system is that if you bet on a draw in a match where we have two teams for which we have assumed they are with equal strength the match usually ends with a draw or just one goal margin for one of the teams.

Therefore, you should carefully check whether your personal results would fetch on this type of betting.

Of course, the opposite is also true in many cases. You can try a strategy in which to bet on draws, covered by a bet for an odd number of goals scored in the match. By doing this you guarantee profits in cases where the match ended in a draw or with one goal in favour of either of the two teams.

Consider carefully the betting options given by the bookies

When the bookmakers offer a betting option to the players, they don’t give us an opportunity to win, but they offer us an opportunity to lose money. This is an old rule in sports betting, which should not be underestimated in any way. In fact it has to be remembered every time when some of us start a new betting system.

That’s why even when the additional options for betting on football matches offer great odds they should be taken very carefully before proceeding to bet with real money on them.

One such betting option is to bet on the winner in each half of a soccer match. With this option, the odds for a win for one or the other of the two teams are quite high, while the odds for a draw are reduced. The problem when betting on the winner on any particular half time is that we have to deal with a very important fact. It is that the teams come up with the thought of winning the entire match, not just some of the halves.

However, some time ago I read about a betting system that offers to bet on underdogs in a football match to win in one of the half times. The man who offered this betting system took three matches and combined them in pairs in a total of 8 bets.

Eventually the system was unsuccessful, confirming the general rule that in terms of the combination of bets the bookmakers have prepared everything very well and the opportunities they offer for betting lead to a steady loss.

Thinking again about this betting system I remembered that we have to focus our efforts not to figure out a way to combine our predictions, but to make better betting predictions.

Only in this way we can make a profit from betting on football matches. It is clear that the only appropriate way of betting is to bet on singles. This is the safest option where you have a good enough opportunity for profit, which is combined with good protection in the event of a very bad losing streak.

Indeed, other betting variants for profits are tempting, but ultimately they lead to bigger losses in the future.

Betting prediction for Liverpool against Fulham

Liverpool hosts Fulham in the next round of the English Premier League. I don’t know exactly what causes this, but the hosts are again placed in the role of the heavy favorite for a win in this match. This has happened again and again during this season, but this role simply doesn’t fit Liverpool players.

If you remember the last match which was a home defeat from Aston Villa, if you remember the difficult victory over Southampton with 1-0, the draw with Newcastle and the other very difficult victory with 1-0 over Reading, you will understand why Liverpool should never be taken as a serious favorite in their home games.

Moreover, Fulham is one of the toughest teams to beat in the Premier League, which is very strong in defense and has great quality in attack with a superb player like Dimitar Berbatov. The latter not only can decide every game with his incredible touch, but has the experience in scoring goals against Liverpool. Remember his hat-trick against the hosts today when he was carrying Manchester United’s jersey.

The skills of Dimitar Berbatov and his teammates to gain control over the ball is also a very important factor for me when I’m making my betting prediction not to believe in an easy Liverpool’s win in this match. Fulham’s players are capable to close the spaces in front of their net and not to leave plenty of goal attempts for their opponents.

8acf85dbe31145654a90119152e0636cApart from this the inability of Liverpool players to realize the goal attempts they create is simply famous. In the Premier League, there is no other team to have so low percentage of created chances as Liverpool. If I remember correctly, the percentage was less than 5, which is extremely low.

Because of all these a betting prediction for an eventual victory for Liverpool in this game with two goals difference seems extremely difficult to me. Therefore, the proposal of the bookmakers for a win for Fulham with a goal handicap with odds of two seems to me as pretty good betting option.

So that would be my bet for this match. If Fulham draws or wins, the bet will be a winner. If Liverpool takes the win with 1 goal difference, then the bookmaker will refund my bet. It will be a loser only if Liverpool wins by at least two goals difference, which is really unlikely to happen.