Horse Betting: Some Issues

The layout, which is the bet against the occurrence of the event is nothing-specific equestrian sport, but is in horse racing. The background is the idea that it is easier, of course, in a race to select a horse that does not win, but to choose the horse, which wins the race at the end. The special feature here is that you always have the double wins his bet, but its use rate * when entering loses. You bet practically reversed as in a normal bet, and so is the risk of loss is much higher than the target profit.

Exception is of course if you laid 2 wins were 24 lay bet on underdogs with odds of around 25, and only a win.With this in mind, makes you look at the usual selection of horses. Here we look but primarily on what might prevent them from winning the horse. Problems over long distances, handicap, bad jockeys etc. etc. As already, know how to select potential winners, now we reverse the whole thing. Something which is already being done for other sports like football in NFL. You can read more about in here – Here are a few clues to selecting a horse:


  • Horses who have won the last 3 races, or have more than one race in replaced
  • Horses that have dropped significantly in class.
  • Horses who have had an outstanding jockey booked.
  • Horses running in the special distance or track particularly well
  • Horses that are particularly easy way (low handicap)
  • Horses from a stable that has just one run
  • Races with less than 5 starters

Of course, a horse which in a higher class and is not in good shape is usually very easy to move. This is not an exclusion criterion. Maiden, NHF, amateur and grades 1,2,3 and Class 1 races are difficult to Malays, either because they tend to be surprises, or nearly all rates are quite high, because the race is open. Race with a clear or two equal favourites tend to be gained rare outsider beyond the 10-odd. Race with only a few starters are an exception, as a strong favourite usually means high rates for the rest.

Betting prediction for Brazil vs Colombia

This will be an interesting quarterfinal and I think we will see some goals here. The odds are rising for over 2,5 goals and ‘both teams to score’ because almost all matches in the knockout-stages ended with under 2,5 goals and in extra time or penalty shootout as reason. But the reasons are simple for this because there were good defending teams in each of these matches but here we have two offensive focused teams who aren’t that good in defending. Yes, Colombia only conceded 2 goals BUT it was against Japan and Ivory Coast. I don’t want to say these teams are weak, but Colombia should have kept a clean sheet against these teams. H2H statistics are really equal between these teams. 4 draws in the last 4 meetings. The last in 2012, 1-1. Others 0-0 but this is over 6 years old so this isn’t relevant.


Croatia 3-1, Cameroon 4-1, Mexico 0-0 and Chile 1-1. Nearly all matches at Brazil ended with at least 3 goals. The 0-0 against Mexico was special as the goalkeeper ‘Ochoa’ was in outstanding form. One reason could be the defense of ‘Selecao’. Thiago Silva and David Luiz are world-class defenders but they didn’t showed their quality and weren’t as strong as we expected from them. They conceded in all match expect Mexico, but this match was different as already mentioned. Furthermore the midfield isn’t one of the best. The goalkeeper Julio Cesar didn’t show his skills too. He saved 2 penalties against Chile in the shoot-out, but couldn’t impress very well in the previous match and the world cup. On the other side the attack is the best of Brazil. Young talented players like Neymar want to show their talent. Neymar shot 4 goals till now and is a hot candidate for the golden boot. For sure he wants to score again and keep up his chances for this prize. Scolari said that he wants to change his tactics and start with some other players. Luiz Gustavo won’t play as he is suspended due cards. Fernandino would be a good replacement for him.

Possible line-up Brazil: Julio Cesar – Dani Alves, David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Marcelo – Paulinho, Fernandinho – Hulk, Oscar, Neymar – Fred


Previous matches showed that Colombia is in fabulous form. Group stage finished with 9 points and winning over Uruguay 2-0, so all matches won in WC yet. This team who is well-attuned to each other can play very well. Of course they play in offensive-style with nice players like James Rodriguez, Cuadrado, Ibarbo and Martinez. Their matches ended 3-0 Honduras, 2-1 Ivory Coast, 4-1 Japan and 2-0 Uruguay. Colombia was only with 3 fix starters in the match against Japan nevertheless they won 4-1, Martinez impressed very well in this match with 2 goals. So we see all matches ended with over 2,5 goals expect the 2-0 vs Uruguay. Brazil will have more fans in the stadium this is clear, but Colombia also had plenty of fans in the matches before, so it won’t be an extreme home advantage for their opponents. Colombia is the dark horse and many people see them in the final but I think this will be a game with good chances on both sides. I can’t predict the end score. The odds of 4 and more for Colombia to win are exaggerated in my opinion as Colombia isn’t the huge underdog in this match. The offensive power of team is very good. James Rodriguez showed his talent and shot one of the most beautiful goals in this world cup. He can score from anywhere. Martinez and Ibarbo shouldn’t be underestimated too. The South Americans didn’t play against title-candidates in my eyes so they couldn’t convince all people that they are one of these. Of course Uruguay is world-class but without Suarez it was clear for me that they get knocked out. Rodriguez will play with extra motivation as he is aiming the golden boot prize. He scored in every match a goal yet. If Brazil will run into a counter attack it will very dangerous for sure. Colombia has good fast players like Cuadrado.

Possible line-up Colombia: Ospina – Zuniga, Zapata, Yepes, Armero – Sanchez, Aguilar – Cuadrado, Rodriguez, Ibarbo – Martinez

Both teams are very strong in attack and they should at least score one goal! Colombia didn’t played against very good teams like Germany or Netherlands, Uruguay cant compared to them so it may be the last match for them. But maybe they win against Brazil who didn’t impressed very well either as they were very lucky against Chile. Surely we can say that this match will be very though. Moreover the match will be at the late afternoon in Brazil (22:00 GMT +2) so they wont be too high temperatures. So both teams wont have problems with the atmosphere.

Both teams to score @ BetVictor – odds: 1.95 – stake 5/10

Buying Sports Betting Picks – Part Two

When Should I Buy Picks?

When purchasing picks you need to find services that are either low cost, proven and tracked with high win rate, or of course best of all – both. The more money you spend on a picks service the higher winning percentage the handicapper will need to hit in order for you to make a profit. Check out our sports betting systems page for a list of handicappers and systems that are affordable.

Starting Off Small

For recreational gamblers, sport betting is meant to be fun. There are tons of contests on the internet that you can enter for either free or low stakes. During the football season, anyone who wins a $5 staked 10-team parlay at also receives a share of the $10,000 weekly jackpot which is split with all winners. If there is no winner, the jackpot rolls over to the next week. Meanwhile, an old sportsbook previously offered $100,000 free to anyone who picks a perfect parlay card. While these are long shots, there are also picks pools, survivor pools, etc. available at the start of the season. Starting in late August, begin Google searches for NFL contests, and starting in late February, search for March Madness contests and bracket buster challenges. This type of betting can be a lot more fun that purchasing picks, and it can help you grow a bankroll while learning.

Now, if you’re a serious sports bettor looking to do this as an investment, purchasing picks is not the way to go. Once you win enough, your opportunities to wager become less, as no one wants to take your bets. Getting around this requires creativity, and the more knowledge you actually have about sports betting, the more creative you can get.

Reason to Avoid Touts

Having already presented a solid argument on reasons not to purchase picks without attacking the pick selling industry, it’s time now to get a little more dirty. The first thing to understand is that the tout industry is based off hype and marketing that plays on desperate gamblers. In sports betting, there are a lot of degenerate gamblers absolutely buried in debt looking for a way out. Also in this group, you’ll find a lot of extremely naïve people, which is easily explained by the fact that this is the group who feels they can make a profit randomly picking, despite the bookies 4.55% house edge. While most bet responsibly and use sports betting for entertainment, many are much deeper than that, and this is who the touts target.

To give an example of an ad that plays on the naïve, I’ll share the details of a newsletter I recently got from one of the largest and most reputable expert picks site. The header is a large advertisement with a photo of one of the cappers, and the impressive text states “Going back to last year he is riding a STAGGERING 13-5 ATS (72.2%)”, and reading further into the text, this relates to his picks on Fridays – yes, only Fridays. Below this, to the side of the newsletter’s main content, there are three smaller ads which each have a photo of a capper. The first capper is 13-4 on NFL games this month, the second has 27 years in business and wants to sell me a pick (no stats), where the third won last night and thinks he’ll do the same tonight.

I’ve played down what the ads say a little, and the ad copy is great with many claims sure to get a casual sports bettor interested. However, as a professional gambler and someone who uses statistics on a daily basis, I have a much different opinion. The first thing that jumps out at me is the opening ad, and I say, “what the heck makes Friday special?” If this capper is winning long term, wouldn’t his overall record be much more relevant than some obscure stat. What are his records on other days of the week? Now don’t get me wrong; maybe he has a winning record all 7 days of the week, I have no idea, what I’m simply saying is that they dived into a huge pool of stats to come up with whichever statistic looked best. He could in fact be a massive career loser and have a stat run like this on “Fridays dating back to last season”.

I had similar feelings about the 13-4 in October advertisement. Out of curiosity, I went and checked this company’s main website and found they have 15 cappers marketed as NFL experts selling picks. Having some knowledge of statics, I ran the math. If 15 people flip a coin heads or tails a total of 17 times each, there is a 73% chance one of them hits heads at least 13 times. More or less, if I had 15 monkeys picking teams at random, I’d have a similar stat to share.

Expert pick sites are great marketers, I’ll give them that. However, these ads are rather deceiving, as most are just cherry picked ripples of variance. It’s good marketing and the company might be legit; I just encourage you to keep a level head and not to get drawn into purchasing picks based on tout marketing hype. These guys have tons and tons of data that they can pick from, and they can market their results in such a way that desperate gamblers want to buy.

Once again, rather than pay for picks, why not get them for free at a free picks blog such as our sports betting picks blog that provides winners weekly at no cost. Ultimately, though, buy betting picks or don’t buy betting picks. It’s your choice. Whatever you decide, we wish you the best of luck.

Buying Sports Betting Picks

A question that often comes up on sports betting forums is “Should I purchase betting picks?”

Personally, I’ve always answered this question as no, because very few cappers selling picks are actually winners. The few that are winners often rely on line movement, multiple unit bets on small markets, buying hooks, etc. As a result, their records are often based on lines not available to all clients. While all of these are concerns, the bigger reason not to purchase picks is that there are far more cost effective methods to beat sports for larger profits than purchasing picks allows. I’ll cover these methods in this article, and then cover a marketing tactic used by pick sellers that you’ll want to be aware of.

Beat Sports Betting Without a Tout

Method #1: Our website provides numerous sports betting strategy articles. Read our article on teaser betting strategy where you’ll find enough information to profit immediately from football teasers. Next, read our article on NFL prop betting, and you’ll have the knowledge required to beat the “which team will score first?” prop. Once familiar with this data, you can learn new skills via books on sports betting.

The must read books for a novice gambler are:

1) Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong
2) Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting by King Yao

These are great books to tune you to think more like a winning sports bettor, and less like a fan or recreational bettor. One thing I’ll warn, however, is that these books are slightly outdated. I strongly suggest that prior to reading these books, you also read our article on the current betting market. When you’ve mastered the information in the articles and books I’ve suggested, you might then want to dive into the book Conquering Risk: Attacking Vegas and Wall Street by Elihu D. Feustel.

To sum this up, the two articles I recommended are enough to get you on track winning as a sport bettor. When you’re ready to take it to the next levels, plenty of information exists. Spending a little time and effort on sports betting will make you far more profitable than purchasing picks will.

Method #2: Follow free picks on the internet. Here at, we run a picks blog, where you can get the same caliber betting picks that NFL expert pick sites sell. Why pay for picks when you can get picks for free?

Our picks blog is only one source of free picks. Bloggers, forum posters, twitter users, and others give out free picks daily. While I’m sure this will sound absurd to most readers, I actually know a guy who uses custom developed software to scour the internet and find picks. The software delivers to him via a feed where any detected picks are hyperlinked. To track the pick, he clicks the hyperlink, assigns it to a user and the software does the rest. He can then go back later and find all sorts of data about how forum posters, bloggers, and tweeters are doing. This helps him not only to follow picks, but to spot winners and start paying more attention to the info they share elsewhere. This is obviously way too advanced for most of us, but the point is that looking for winners and then tracking their picks going forward can help you greatly. Once again, I ask, why purchase picks, when you can get picks for free?

Betting tips for Costa Rica v Greece: Predicted line-ups & essential facts and stats

Predicted line-ups:

Costa Rica: Navas, Gamboa, Diaz Campbell, Miller, Gonzalez, Duarte, Ruiz, Borges, Campbell, Tejeda Valverde, Brenes

Greece: Glykos, Torosidis, Holebas, Karagounis, Manolas, Papastathopoulos, Salpingidis, Maniatis, Samaras, Samaris, Christodoulopoulos

Captain Kostas Katsouranis will be available again after serving a suspension in the previous match, while Panagiotis Kone is a doubt.


Costa Rica and Greece will clash in Recife on Sunday in a battle of the tournament outsiders.

Costa Rica emerged as the surprise team of the World Cup thus far. Los Ticos managed to shock the entire football world, topping the ultimate Group of Death of the tournament by beating Uruguay and Italy, and holding England to a draw, en route to a Round of 16 qualification. Jorge Luis Pinto’s side have reached the knockout stages of the World Cup for only the second time in their history; the first was in 1990 when they eventually lost 4-1 against Czechoslovakia in the last 16.

The Greeks have quite a story to tell themselves. After losing 0:3 to Colombia in their opening game and drawing with Japan many assumed the Greek episode in Brazil has come to its conclusion. However a dramatic win against the Ivory Coast in their final matchday has seen Fernando Santos’ side progress to the second round for the first time in its history.

Georgios Samaras showed he has nerves of steel when his team was awarded a penalty kick in the dying minutes of Monday’s fixture, and he stepped up to take it knowing an entire nation’s fate lies on his shoulders. His winning goal ended his personal goalscoring drought of 1478 minutes with the national team.

Despite Greece’s infamous defensive reputation, manager Santos believes they have shown the world they can also attack and play offensively: ”We showed against Ivory Coast how well we can defend but also how good we can be in attack. We created a lot of chances and we kept attacking until the end. Even when we conceded the 74th-minute equaliser, we continued to attack,” said the 59 year old.

Costa Rica arrive as the slight favourites, but with the Greek defence always lined up perfectly, it’s hard to tell whether
Jorge Luis Pinto can continue his style of play against a side which barely allows any space within 20 yards of the box. Then again, neither did Italy and Costa Rica still emerged victorious.

Look for Costa Rica to be in charge of the style of play and seek to attack right away, while the Greeks will hope they can find the gaps in the Costa Rican team and capitalise on them.

Prediction: Costa Rica 1 – Greece 0

Some essential facts and stats to help with online betting:

This will be the first ever meeting between Costa Rica and Greece.

The last team from CONCACAF to go further than the last 16 at the World Cup are the USA in 2002.

Greece’s seven wins at major tournaments have never been by more than one clear goal (four 1-0 and three 2-1 wins).

Greece have only won two of their nine World Cup games, both against African sides (v Nigeria in 2010 & Ivory Coast in 2014).

Greece have scored in only two of their nine games at the World Cup (the two 2-1 wins v Nigeria & Ivory Coast).

Greece have only kept one clean sheet in nine World Cup games, against Japan in 2014 (0-0).

Costa Rica are yet to concede a goal from open play at this World Cup, the only one they have let in being Edinson Cavani’s penalty.

None of Costa Rica’s four goals at this World Cup have been scored before the 44th minute.

Meanwhile, each of Greece’s four goals in World Cup history have been scored from the 42nd minute onwards.

Costa Rica have surrendered possession in each of their three games so far at this World Cup, their highest ratio being 44.4% against Uruguay.

Samaras’ penalty against Ivory Coast is his only shot on target so far at this World Cup (270 minutes played).

Joel Campbell was involved in two of Costa Rica’s four goals at this World Cup (1 goal, 1 assist).

Keylor Navas has saved seven of the eight shots on target he’s faced in this World Cup.

<a href=””></a>

England Vs. Costa Rica: Prediction, TV Channel, Preview And Betting Odds

After opening games against Euro 2012 finalists Italy and 2010 World Cup semifinalists Uruguay, few people would have anticipated that either England or Costa Rica would enter their final group match already assured of qualification for the Round of 16. Anyone claiming two weeks ago that the team with their passage out of Group D booked would be Costa Rica would have been looked upon with a heavy dose of ridicule.

Yet, after brilliantly topping Uruguay and then Italy, countries with six World Cup triumphs between them, Costa Rica, with just three match wins at the World Cup finals prior to 10 days ago, are already looking ahead to taking part in the knockout phase for only the second time in their history. In contrast, England — the third previous World Cup winner in what was thought to be a three-way battle for progression from Group D — go into their final match with their minds already thinking of going home.

It is the first time ever that England has lost its first two matches at the World Cup and the first time the country will exit before the knockout phase since 1958. In some senses the reaction from the notoriously blood-thirsty national media back in England has been predictably lacking in perspective; calling for everyone involved to apologize for the “humiliation.” In other ways, though, the backlash has been less vicious. Coach Roy Hodgson will remain in charge with the signs being that he will do so without yet being hounded in the same way as most of his predecessors.

Fine margins in back-to-back 2-1 defeats against tough teams is on the face of it no disgrace. Indeed, the opening performance in the loss to Italy fuelled much optimism that England were on the right track. New players like Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge showed that they were ready to mix it on the biggest stage and brought fresh life after the famed “golden generation” of the last decade had so dismally failed to match expectations for their country.

But there were also reasons for that defeat which needed to be addressed heading into a make-or-break match with Uruguay. Hodgson failed to do so and Uruguay coach Oscar Washington did a tactical number on his counterpart to take full advantage and send England out. In this defeat there were few saving graces for England; they had been deservedly beaten. One of the game’s most experienced and considered coaches, Hodgson appeared to have gotten swept away in the enthusiasm for young, attacking vitality and neglected to ensure that the team had a basic shape to allow those players to flourish. Captain Steven Gerrard, never the most tactically disciplined, was horribly outnumbered in a two-man central midfield alongside Liverpool teammate Jordan Henderson.

In terms of the tournament, Hodgson has come up short. Still, reason for optimism remains going forward, and he will be desperately hoping that strong signs of that are visible against Costa Rica in Belo Horizonte. With nothing to play for but pride, England’s team will be much changed. Gerrard will drop out, to be replaced in the team and as captain by Frank Lampard. Meanwhile, the likes of 18-year-old Luke Shaw, 20-year-old Ross Barkley and 22-year-old Phil Jones are all expected to take their place in the starting lineup. It could be a vibrant swansong, a hint of what might have been and what could be in the future.

But England will have learned by now not to underestimate Costa Rica, especially with Los Ticos now aiming to get the point needed to improbably secure top spot in the group. What has been most impressive about Jorge Luis Pinto’s side is that, while they have produced stoic defensive efforts, they have achieved their headline-making back-to-back wins over two of the game’s powers not simply by grinding out ultra-defensive victories. Against Uruguay, they were able to come back from a goal down before against Italy keeping a proactive high-defensive line to press the high-quality Azzurri midfield.

The pace in attack of Joel Campbell has been complimented by the quality of Christian Bolanos and Bryan Ruiz, together with real offensive intent from wing-backs Christian Gamboa and Junior Diaz. Pinto has admitted though, that, while going for the win, he will also be taking the chance to rest several players against England as he seeks to get his team in peak condition for their Round-of-16 contest.


The drop off in quality by rotating lineups is likely to be felt greater by Costa Rica than England. Indeed, a midfield featuring Lampard, Jack Wilshere, James Milner and Adam Lallana should give England more balance, if not the same attacking thrust. Still, with England’s second-choice defense failing to convince in a warm up match against Ecuador and the pressure off both teams, there should be goals in store. Much will depend on just how much Pinto alters his side, with the loss of too many key men giving England the chance to at least bow out with a win.

England 2-1 Costa Rica

Bulgaria v Canada Prediction

Bulgaria lost 3 of their last 4 matches in their ultimately unsuccessful bid to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. And they have played just once since – a 2-1 friendly win against Belarus in March.

Manager Luboslav Penev mainly named home-based players in his squad as he assesses his options ahead of qualification for UEFA Euro 2016, which begins in September. Penev insists they will be ready for Friday’s encounter.

“I expect to continue on this good line of development and we will try to consolidate and show something new. We were unable to qualify for the World Cup. I think we (got what) we deserved.”

Canada will go in search of their first win in more than 19 months. They have dropped to 110th in the FIFA rankings after a disastrous run of form which included their group stage exit at the CONCACAF Gold Cup. They have not played since November last year – when they suffered a 1-0 defeat to Slovenia.

New manager Benito Floro took charge in August and has not been able to reverse the nation’s fortunes, with just one draw – against the 139th-ranked Mauritania – from 5 matches. They have also not scored in their last 10 matches either.

Given that the match is not being played in a FIFA international break, MLS players will remain with their clubs. Of that squad, 11 players are under the age of 21.

TIP: Bulgaria to Win @ 1.61 with LADBROKES lost

Betting Picks: English Premier League / Manchester United V Sunderland

Manchester United will play against Sunderland on Saturday May 3, 2014 (5/3/2014) for Barclays Premier League at 14:00 (New York time).

Manchester United has played its last previous games against Bayern on 4/9 where they lost 1-3, Everton on 4/20 in which they lost with a final score of 0-2, and last game played against Norwich on 4/26 in which Manchester United won with a final score of 4-0.

Upcoming games for Manchester United will be against Sunderland on 5/3, Hull on 5/6, and against Southampton on 5/11.

Sunderland has played its last previous games against Man City on 4/16 where they tied 2-2, Chelsea on 4/19 in which they won with a final score of 2-1, and last game played against Cardiff on 4/27 in which Sunderland won with a final score of 4-0.

Upcoming games for Sunderland will be against Man Utd on 5/3, West Brom on 5/7, and against Swansea on 5/11.

Last matches between Manchester United and Sunderland:

Manchester United vs Sunderland (2 – 1) on 1/22/2014 at Old Trafford, England – (Capital One Cup
)Sunderland vs Manchester United (2 – 1) on 1/7/2014 at Stadium of Light, England – (Capital One Cup
)Sunderland vs Manchester United (1 – 2) on 10/5/2013 at Stadium of Light, England – (Barclays Premier League
)Sunderland vs Manchester United (0 – 1) on 3/30/2013 at Stadium of Light, England – (Barclays Premier League

Statistics from last games Manchester United against Sunderland:

Manchester United: Wins: 2, Lost: 2, Draw: 0, Goals Scored 6, Goals Average 1.5, Goals Against 4, Goals Against Average 1

Sunderland: Wins: 2, Lost: 2, Draw: 0, Goals Scored 4, Goals Average 1, Goals Against 6, Goals Against Average 1.5

Last games played by Manchester United:

Manchester United vs Norwich City (4 – 0) on 4/26/2014 at Old Trafford, England – (Barclays Premier League)
Everton vs Manchester United (2 – 0) on 4/20/2014 at Goodison Park, England – (Barclays Premier League)
Bayern Munich vs Manchester United (3 – 1) on 4/9/2014 at Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany – (UEFA Champions League)
Newcastle United vs Manchester United (0 – 4) on 4/5/2014 at St James’ Park – (Barclays Premier League)
Manchester United vs Bayern Munich (1 – 1) on 4/1/2014 at Old Trafford, England – (UEFA Champions League)
Manchester United vs Aston Villa (4 – 1) on 3/29/2014 at Old Trafford, England – (Barclays Premier League)
Manchester United vs Manchester City (0 – 3) on 3/25/2014 at Old Trafford, England – (Barclays Premier League)
West Ham United vs Manchester United (0 – 2) on 3/22/2014 at Upton Park, England – (Barclays Premier League)
Manchester United vs Olympiakos (3 – 0) on 3/19/2014 at Old Trafford, England – (UEFA Champions League)
Manchester United vs Liverpool (0 – 3) on 3/16/2014 at Old Trafford, England – (Barclays Premier League)

Stats and Summary for last 10 games for Manchester United:

Wins: 5, Lost: 4, Draw: 1, Goals Scored 19, Goals Average 1.9, Goals Against 13, Goals Against Average 1.3

Last games played by Sunderland:

Sunderland vs Cardiff City (4 – 0) on 4/27/2014 at Stadium of Light, England – (Barclays Premier League)
Chelsea vs Sunderland (1 – 2) on 4/19/2014 at Stamford Bridge, England – (Barclays Premier League)
Manchester City vs Sunderland (2 – 2) on 4/16/2014 at Etihad Stadium – (Barclays Premier League)
Sunderland vs Everton (0 – 1) on 4/12/2014 at Stadium of Light, England – (Barclays Premier League)
Tottenham Hotspur vs Sunderland (5 – 1) on 4/7/2014 at White Hart Lane, England – (Barclays Premier League)
Sunderland vs West Ham United (1 – 2) on 3/31/2014 at Stadium of Light, England – (Barclays Premier League)
Liverpool vs Sunderland (2 – 1) on 3/26/2014 at Anfield, England – (Barclays Premier League)
Norwich City vs Sunderland (2 – 0) on 3/22/2014 at Carrow Road, England – (Barclays Premier League)
Sunderland vs Crystal Palace (0 – 0) on 3/15/2014 at Stadium of Light, England – (Barclays Premier League)
Hull City vs Sunderland (3 – 0) on 3/9/2014 at The KC Stadium – (English FA Cup)

Summary and Statistics for last 10 games played by Sunderland:

Wins: 2, Lost: 6, Draw: 2, Goals Scored 11, Goals Average 1.1, Goals Against 18, Goals Against Average 1.8

Prediction: 2-1

Bet on the draws on soccer matches

An often-used strategy in betting on football matches is to bet on the draw as a final result in a match. The reason for the popularity of this betting method is quite clear and it is that for the draws the betting houses offer usually pretty high odds, often above 3.2.

Besides, it is not so difficult to find suitable matches to bet on draws.

However, what I am going to focus on in the next lines is a covering betting strategy when we decide to bet on draws. It is to bet on a match where we see a possible draw, but to bet on even number of goals in the match. The logic is clear, if the match ends with a draw, it certainly will be a winning bet because the goals will be an even number.

However, if one of the teams won the match with two goals it will be winning again because the match would end again with an even number of goals. When we talk about this way of betting it is important to know that when a match finishes 0-0, the bookmakers once again recognize it as an even number of goals and so our bet would be winning.
However, the main question is will this system bring more money than the usual way of betting on draws? Every player should check it individually by having a look on his stats.

Usually, bookmakers offer odds about 1.9 or 1.95 for an even number of goals in the match, which is more than fine as it offers a good return of made bets.

The bad thing when we talk about this betting system is that if you bet on a draw in a match where we have two teams for which we have assumed they are with equal strength the match usually ends with a draw or just one goal margin for one of the teams.

Therefore, you should carefully check whether your personal results would fetch on this type of betting.

Of course, the opposite is also true in many cases. You can try a strategy in which to bet on draws, covered by a bet for an odd number of goals scored in the match. By doing this you guarantee profits in cases where the match ended in a draw or with one goal in favour of either of the two teams.

Consider carefully the betting options given by the bookies

When the bookmakers offer a betting option to the players, they don’t give us an opportunity to win, but they offer us an opportunity to lose money. This is an old rule in sports betting, which should not be underestimated in any way. In fact it has to be remembered every time when some of us start a new betting system.

That’s why even when the additional options for betting on football matches offer great odds they should be taken very carefully before proceeding to bet with real money on them.

One such betting option is to bet on the winner in each half of a soccer match. With this option, the odds for a win for one or the other of the two teams are quite high, while the odds for a draw are reduced. The problem when betting on the winner on any particular half time is that we have to deal with a very important fact. It is that the teams come up with the thought of winning the entire match, not just some of the halves.

However, some time ago I read about a betting system that offers to bet on underdogs in a football match to win in one of the half times. The man who offered this betting system took three matches and combined them in pairs in a total of 8 bets.

Eventually the system was unsuccessful, confirming the general rule that in terms of the combination of bets the bookmakers have prepared everything very well and the opportunities they offer for betting lead to a steady loss.

Thinking again about this betting system I remembered that we have to focus our efforts not to figure out a way to combine our predictions, but to make better betting predictions.

Only in this way we can make a profit from betting on football matches. It is clear that the only appropriate way of betting is to bet on singles. This is the safest option where you have a good enough opportunity for profit, which is combined with good protection in the event of a very bad losing streak.

Indeed, other betting variants for profits are tempting, but ultimately they lead to bigger losses in the future.

Betting prediction for Liverpool against Fulham

Liverpool hosts Fulham in the next round of the English Premier League. I don’t know exactly what causes this, but the hosts are again placed in the role of the heavy favorite for a win in this match. This has happened again and again during this season, but this role simply doesn’t fit Liverpool players.

If you remember the last match which was a home defeat from Aston Villa, if you remember the difficult victory over Southampton with 1-0, the draw with Newcastle and the other very difficult victory with 1-0 over Reading, you will understand why Liverpool should never be taken as a serious favorite in their home games.

Moreover, Fulham is one of the toughest teams to beat in the Premier League, which is very strong in defense and has great quality in attack with a superb player like Dimitar Berbatov. The latter not only can decide every game with his incredible touch, but has the experience in scoring goals against Liverpool. Remember his hat-trick against the hosts today when he was carrying Manchester United’s jersey.

The skills of Dimitar Berbatov and his teammates to gain control over the ball is also a very important factor for me when I’m making my betting prediction not to believe in an easy Liverpool’s win in this match. Fulham’s players are capable to close the spaces in front of their net and not to leave plenty of goal attempts for their opponents.

8acf85dbe31145654a90119152e0636cApart from this the inability of Liverpool players to realize the goal attempts they create is simply famous. In the Premier League, there is no other team to have so low percentage of created chances as Liverpool. If I remember correctly, the percentage was less than 5, which is extremely low.

Because of all these a betting prediction for an eventual victory for Liverpool in this game with two goals difference seems extremely difficult to me. Therefore, the proposal of the bookmakers for a win for Fulham with a goal handicap with odds of two seems to me as pretty good betting option.

So that would be my bet for this match. If Fulham draws or wins, the bet will be a winner. If Liverpool takes the win with 1 goal difference, then the bookmaker will refund my bet. It will be a loser only if Liverpool wins by at least two goals difference, which is really unlikely to happen.